Let’s take a look at why it’s the perfect option!

1) You have the freedom to choose where you want to get married- you aren’t tied to any of the usual licensed venues. Hooray to THAT!

2) It will be personally tailored to YOU. It doesn’t have to follow the standard, strict format of religious, civil ceremony or registrar led weddings- the content is 100% customisable.

3) The ceremony is all about YOUR love story and all the people, music (and animals) you want featured in it- this is your opportunity to share everything that makes you the beautiful couple you are.

4) Celebrant led ceremonies can involve elements of faith (or more than one faith to create a complete blend), they can be totally religion or faith free or they can feature some beautiful spiritual elements that create beautiful, visual moments to symbolise your love and union.

5) You aren’t tied to just weekend wedding dates when you choose me as your Celebrant. I can be very flexible with my diary and lead ceremonies any day of the week (and abroad too!). There is also no time limit to the ceremony either- it can be as short or as long as you like.