Whether you want something intimate and stylish at a luxury venue, or a lavish ceremony in a marquee with 200 guests- let’s make your wedding dreams HAPPEN.

Maybe you want a ‘traditional’ White Wedding with a cracking, personalised script, some beautiful music and readings- the epitome of elegance?

Or perhaps a ceremony in glorious technicolour, a fusion of cultures and colours with dog ring bearers, a Mariachi Band with grown men in Pink Suits as your confetti throwers is more your style?!


Let’s get you married YOUR way, exactly the way YOU want to do it. You have ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY when you choose a Celebrant Led Wedding with a Celebrant.

It might be a venue, the beach, the woods, it could be your garden, or even your front room- let’s plan a ceremony that is UTTERLY YOU and full of OODLES OF LOVE!


Packages start from £850


An initial Consultation with me via Zoom

This gives us the opportunity to meet each other, say hello and see if I’m the right Celebrant for you! Before you make any decisions on booking a Celebrant, it’s only right you know they are the right fit for you as a couple- so come armed with lots of questions!

Wedding Planning Meeting

Once you’ve decided that I’m the Celebrant for you, and we have completed all the booking paperwork, we can get together in person (or via Zoom if you don’t have the time or live abroad) so we can start brainstorming and bringing all your wedding dreams to the table. This is the opportunity for you to share all your visions for your big day, so we can incorporate it all into a beautifully personalised ceremony all about YOU! Big or small, intimate or lavish, simple or elaborate- nothing is off limits!

Couple Questionnaire

I always ask for couples to complete a fun Couples Questionnaire to get some extra golden nuggets of information from you that we might have missed during our Planning Meetings, and find out all the crucial, romantic details and hilarious stories of your journey so far. All this helps me to form a picture of you as a couple and enables me to start script writing. 

Script Writing

From all the information I’ve gathered from our meetings and questionnaires, I can then get going with writing you a gorgeous ‘ALL ABOUT YOU’ ceremony to remember! Some couples like to be actively involved in this process and like to edit and amend the script until they are 100% happy- others want a complete surprise on the day. It’s TOTALLY up to you- either way, the script won’t be officially signed off until you are both happy that it encapsulates your love story!

Vows, Readings & Symbolic Elements

Perhaps you need some help writing your vows, or need some ideas and guidance when it comes to readings, poems, song choices or Symbolic Elements? I am here to support you through this process to choose all the elements for your wedding that mean something to you as a couple and will really resonate with the people you love, watching you tie the knot! Music and the spoken word are so powerful, so choosing the right pieces are super important. Maybe you’d like a Symbolic Element such as a simple Candle Ceremony or Ring Warming Ceremony, which is beautifully visual and poignant? Let’s chat about anything you are unsure of!

Wedding Rehearsal

Although in practicality rehearsals aren’t always possible, I am always very happy to arrange a rehearsal in person before the big day to run through everything with your wedding party. (An additional charge applies for in person rehearsals). Of course, we can always jump on a call or Zoom for a chat instead anytime that’s convenient- your Peace of Mind is key!


As it currently stands in the UK, Celebrants are unable to conduct ‘the legal bit’ of a marriage, so you will you need to make sure that you head to see your local Registrar (normally before your Celebrant Wedding) to complete all the legal formalities. 

This can be a very simple and quick appointment to fulfil this part of the marriage, so that you can focus all your energies on your Celebrant Led Wedding which is the main event!

To find out more about booking your registrar go to: