Funerals should be a total celebration of your loved one- filled with personal memories and special touches as a fitting tribute.

Giving them a very special goodbye is the most wonderful thing you can do. So let me help and guide you to create a perfect ceremony to tell their story, combining their life, loves and passion with the dignity and graciousness they deserve.

Whether it’s a funeral, an ash scattering or a true Celebration of Life in full technicolour- let me support you by creating a unique ceremony filled with all the things that made the person you loved so special, and bring comfort to you all while you celebrate their life and cherish all the memories with music and readings. 

Working with all the most prestigious and well known Funeral Directors in Berkshire, I pride myself on delivering funerals with a beautiful, bespoke service that really captures your loved one and gives you the opportunity to say goodbye in the most perfect way, with lots of special, personal touches.

With extensive experience delivering services for cremations and burials, I tailor all my funeral services to allow you to remember and celebrate the person you have lost in the best possible way.

Offering Memorial Services as well, I truly believe in CELEBRATING the person’s life, their interests and passions, and all the music and culture they loved to create a service that is truly THEM.

I’m here to talk with you and listen- so please get in touch.

Funerals start from £250.


If you want to have a naming ceremony for your baby or child without the religious bit, a Celebrant Led Naming Ceremony is the perfect option- AND you can hold it wherever you want! In your garden, in a park, in your home or a local venue!

Let’s celebrate your little one and gather all the key people in your child’s life together. You can include parental promises to your child, appoint ‘guideparents’ and even include music, singing, readings and poems. 

Why not include a beautiful symbolic element too, like planting a tree, lighting a candle or signing a certificate? 

Naming Ceremonies start from £350.


Lots of cultures celebrate a child’s ‘Coming of Age’- a ceremony that marks a child’s transitioning from childhood to adulthood. So why not have a Celebrant Led Coming of Age Ceremony, free from religious or faith based elements!

Using some of the elements of a Naming Ceremony, and adding  promises the child can make as they greet young adulthood, let’s throw a special moment just for them.

Whether you mark them turning 13, 16 (a new take on the Sweet Sixteen!), 18 or indeed any age- let me write a fitting ceremony for your child, celebrating their individuality, style and passions.

Ensuring the ceremony is ‘cringe-free’ for your child is obviously key- so let’s take the opportunity to make this special Coming of Age super personal and tailored to your child!

Coming of Age Ceremonies start from £350.